Excellent Experiences Shared with Strangers

One word, Hostels. These cheap coed accommodations are becoming a new trend in traveling. One can book a small room, shared dorm, or even a hammock. It can be an experience living in one of these facilities.

There are a lot of reasons to love backpacker or travel hostels. It wont be all good but in the end it will still be worth it.

Hostels are cheap, sometimes even up to a quarter of the cost of an average resort or hotel in that area.

Most of the tourists are spending their time together, you should join them. There might be a traveling artist that would play some good music, yuppies who will share their craft to others, some vegans who will cook for the group, yes, even those pet lovers. You could even meet your potential love in there. The possibilities are so random and endless. Go meet people.

If you love to drink – this is a good place too. Some would have a bar or restaurant within the compound. It will be noisy, expect that. Security is secondary as it is normally safe in most cases. Of course it wouldn’t hurt to protect your belongings with some locks.

Most hostels are located in a good area, some are really close to nature or even right in the middle of it. There will be little critters and bugs but its a small price to pay for communing with mother nature. It might get overwhelming if you are an introvert but it could be taken as a good opportunity to practice social skills. It is generally safe to be a little awkward around super nice people.  Go ahead make new friends.

Some hostels even has themes, like some are dedicated to art, music, nudity, sports, games, nerds, you name it. No matter which theme you go for, they all promote friendship and camaraderie. You will never be alone anymore.

There are some who chose to stay longer, since it is cheap, and it provides them with enough comfort to keep enjoying the place. Whether its the beach or a farm, maybe even up in the mountains, you will be able to get more of it for less. For some it became home already. Digital nomads might not be as happy since a lot of them doesnt have wired connection, but who cares if you are there to party.

Common areas might be good and bad. Common lounges are places where people usually gather, they share stories and do fun activities. Common kitchens are becoming a norm too – you could cook with your new found buddies. Common showers and toilets might be a challenge for some but you will get used to it. Make sure you ask the front desk (if there is ever one) for other activities or events they might have or offer. It could be as simple as someone playing a ukulele beside a campfire or it could be a fun group activity the might span for a few days.

This post has been long so before letting you off to go booking your next destination, I would want to thank you for reading up to this part. Experiences are priceless so never forget to share them with others. Here’s a tip, find travel groups on facebook, they might have good insights about a specific hostel or travel destination. Hopefully soon you will be able to share your adventures as well, it is a lovely community.