A Semi-analytical Guide to Travel Money

Globe trotting can be very stressful when it comes to money. Here are some practical tips to help you stretch your budget.

1. US Dollar is the boss.

Always carry US Dollar when you travel to another country. Maintain a Dollar account in a reputable bank if you can. It is widely accepted and you can easily exchange that for local currency when needed. Sometimes you can even shop in some stores with your Benjamins.

2. Have some local currency in your wallet.

Cash is still king in most places, getting your hands on some local cash might be easier now since money changers are everywhere. ATMs also dispense local currency and take care of foreign exchange for you. However, these may come with some transaction fees which you may not be either fully aware or in control. So, it is always better to have some spare cash and do your exchanges when it is convenient for you to go to a place where it is cheaper to exchange currencies.

3. When using cards, bring many.

Some places might accept Visa, some just MasterCard. Some may accept Debit Cards, some only Credit Cards. You may even buy prepaid cards in some countries. Some countries are technologically ahead and support mobile app payments, these may require you to top up your apps individually. Key here is distribution of your money and higher chances of acceptance. Keep in mind the foreign transaction fees, convenience always has a price. Some cards may land you sweet deals in some places, you could earn points or miles, you may even be able to get some rebates. Use your cards wisely and as a last resort.

4. Hostels when there is one in the area

You seldom would spend time in your hotel room so it is almost a negligible expense. Instead spend more on exploring the area. Hostels offer you cheaper stays and a chance to meet other wise travelers. Networking is always a good thing but making friends require a more intimate scenario – hostels would provide you with this. Another thing that may save you cash is by joining other solo travelers to form a group to get some discounts in local tour packages.

5. Homestays have its benefits

There are times when you visit a rural area where there are no hotels or resorts. Homestay is a great opportunity for you to not only save money in accommodations but to be able to live with locals. Having local friends would mean a lot of things, free tour guides, street level knowledge, etc.. are some of the countless financial benefits for staying at a homestay. Couchsurfing is a type of informal homestay, airbnb started that way and still has a lot of homestay options, you can even check on reviews and reputation of your would be housemate or landlord.

6. Public mass transportation options

When in Rome, do as the Romans do – take time to experience commuting like a local and save cash by avoiding chartered trips. You may even discover new places by intentionally getting yourself lost. Yes it is totally ok and fun to get lost in a place you are not familiar with.

These are just some tips and there are other more advanced ways of getting the most out of your buck while traveling. Meet other people, travelers, locals, talk to your hotel room neighbor, or a local store owner. Your smile is the greatest currency!

Excellent Experiences Shared with Strangers

One word, Hostels. These cheap coed accommodations are becoming a new trend in traveling. One can book a small room, shared dorm, or even a hammock. It can be an experience living in one of these facilities.

There are a lot of reasons to love backpacker or travel hostels. It wont be all good but in the end it will still be worth it.

Hostels are cheap, sometimes even up to a quarter of the cost of an average resort or hotel in that area.

Most of the tourists are spending their time together, you should join them. There might be a traveling artist that would play some good music, yuppies who will share their craft to others, some vegans who will cook for the group, yes, even those pet lovers. You could even meet your potential love in there. The possibilities are so random and endless. Go meet people.

If you love to drink – this is a good place too. Some would have a bar or restaurant within the compound. It will be noisy, expect that. Security is secondary as it is normally safe in most cases. Of course it wouldn’t hurt to protect your belongings with some locks.

Most hostels are located in a good area, some are really close to nature or even right in the middle of it. There will be little critters and bugs but its a small price to pay for communing with mother nature. It might get overwhelming if you are an introvert but it could be taken as a good opportunity to practice social skills. It is generally safe to be a little awkward around super nice people.  Go ahead make new friends.

Some hostels even has themes, like some are dedicated to art, music, nudity, sports, games, nerds, you name it. No matter which theme you go for, they all promote friendship and camaraderie. You will never be alone anymore.

There are some who chose to stay longer, since it is cheap, and it provides them with enough comfort to keep enjoying the place. Whether its the beach or a farm, maybe even up in the mountains, you will be able to get more of it for less. For some it became home already. Digital nomads might not be as happy since a lot of them doesnt have wired connection, but who cares if you are there to party.

Common areas might be good and bad. Common lounges are places where people usually gather, they share stories and do fun activities. Common kitchens are becoming a norm too – you could cook with your new found buddies. Common showers and toilets might be a challenge for some but you will get used to it. Make sure you ask the front desk (if there is ever one) for other activities or events they might have or offer. It could be as simple as someone playing a ukulele beside a campfire or it could be a fun group activity the might span for a few days.

This post has been long so before letting you off to go booking your next destination, I would want to thank you for reading up to this part. Experiences are priceless so never forget to share them with others. Here’s a tip, find travel groups on facebook, they might have good insights about a specific hostel or travel destination. Hopefully soon you will be able to share your adventures as well, it is a lovely community.

I Bet You Haven’t Tried These Themed Cruises

You might have been on a cruise, it might have been a huge ship, or a small river boat but here’s a list of cruises that you may want to board next.

Pair your cruise experience with wine

A company called AmaWaterways can take you through a french river. Your connoisseur self would thank you for this trip. You will experience going to places where they would allow you to taste red wines from Medoc. Libourne has market days where you can indulge in some local delicacies. You will also have an option to ride a bicycle or hike through the vineyards of the towns of Saint-Emillion and Blaye. You will also get a chance to visit a wine museum, yes there is such a place and it is called La Cite du Vin. In this boat it is always wine o’clock.

Cruise back in time

Yes this one is basically time travel. American Cruise Lines have organized a historic itinerary focused on the American Revolution. You will journey through Chesapeake Bay, from Virginia to Maryland. The cruise would pass by historic sites of Colonial Williamsburh, Yorktown, Jamestown, Norfolk, Annapolis, and Washington, D.C.

You will also get to see George Washington’s house where there might be some reenactors playing out the Revolutionary War.  A good cruise wont end without food, and this region has yummy crab cakes.

Meow Meow Cruise

Yes that is the exact name of an independently owned and operated cruise. Meow Meow Cruise is for cat lovers, Anna Conway will take you in Carnival Horizon. A massive ship has an IMAX theater, a water park and lots of shops. It takes off from Tampa and would take you around the Cayman Islands up to Mexico in 5 days. The catch though is that there are no pets allowed.

Disco Cruise? Yep there is one!

Pack your dancing shoes because for six awesome nights, you can spend time flaring up your old dance moves. You could wear your flared collars all night long paired with that sweet bell-bottoms while in StarVista Live’s Ultimate Disco Cruise. It will take you from Miami, Florida to Key West and the Bahamas. The ship will be loaded with your favorite bands and celebrities, there will be karaoke, ABBA, game shows, costume parties, and of course a lot of dancing.

Yarn not yawn.

There is one South American cruise that shows you around the world’s largest producers of natural fibers. You will see stuff from yarns of Buenos Aires to the beautiful live sheep of Patagonia. You can even talk to the shepherds while finishing your 5th knitting project this month. You can do a lot in 22 days including a visit to the penguins of Antarctica.

Relive the Mayflower Voyage

Cunard and ancestry.com have collaborated to bring Englishmen across the pond in A Journey of Genealogy. The Queen Mary 2 will leave Southampton, England on August 2020 and arrive in New York City seven days later. August 2020 is a perfect timing for the 400th anniversary of the Mayflower Voyage. Now where is the Genealogy part? Those guys from ancestry.com will be conducting lectures and Q&As to help passengers trace their family trees.

Smart Packing for Digital Nomads

While traveling light is a very common notion among travelers. So as other hype words like minimalist packing, zen packing, etc… That doesn’t always apply to real traveling, visiting multiple countries for up to years at a time. Especially if you are a Digital Nomad.

You have to consider things like Laptops, and other gadgets for work. Most of which are not exactly small or light.


Go for the ones with a screen at 13 to 14 inches in size (diagonally measured, if you need to know). It will support reasonable resolutions to view your spreadsheets or even play some games while on the go. Anything larger will only add bulk with minimal added benefits, choose smaller then you can even browse some websites. Also, when traveling, you need to squeeze as much life as possible from your batteries.

Do not carry bulky headsets or keyboards. a simple full sized mouse and any noise cancelling earphones will be enough. Wireless if possible, we still have not figured out the mysteries of how cables magically manage to have themselves tangled in our bags. Cable management will be discussed further below.


This is essential. But what is often overlooked are small things. Like sim card holders, for your growing or about to grow collection of sim cards from all those countries you have visited. Another is a power bank or 2 when you are on the go. A tripod can also be useful as a phone stand whenever you are working in a cafe.

Cables, adapters, hubs, and power strips

Now when it comes to cables, we are on our way to better standardization, but for now – choose your devices wisely by cable types, USB-C is becoming more dominant. When traveling, you also need 2 cables for each type – one long and another one short. Long when you are at hotels or private places where you can and plan to move around. Yes you need to take your little strolls. Short is for when space is of the essence, you could however, bring cable ties to make your long cables shorter #hack.

International travel has one really huge issue, power adapters. While you can bring an all in one, sometimes it is too big to cram into an outlet behind the hotel TV or under the bed. A good solution is to buy a smaller country based adapter when you arrive and always bring a power strip with you. Your power strip will act as an adapter for your devices and you only need to buy one small adapter when needed. Plus, it keeps your cables organized and you can even win some friends by letting them plug in.

Cable management, there are those cool gadget bags, some with fancy brand names. What you really need is a toiletry bag, it has many pockets and folds really small and most of the time waterproof. A twist tie, yes from the gardening isle, is the cheapest you can be when you need some additional cable management. Rubber Bands can get sticky, those packaging ties from when you bought your gadgets will work ok too.

Other gadgets

It would be awesome to bring a huge DSLR or even a drone while you visit tourist spots in your cool new folding electric scooter. It would be fun to carry 3 phones, maybe a spare laptop just in case, hard drives, bright mechanical keyboards. Here’s a short answer; NO.

Most of these are either unnecessary or can already be done by your phone and/or laptop. Unless you are a professional photographer, then thin about carrying expensive cameras and even more expensive lenses next time you travel to a remote place. You only need essentials and mostly for work – as a digital nomad, you are not on full vacation mode, you still need to work to survive.

Click here for 5 tips for getting the most out of your vacation.

Have fun exploring the world!

Southeast Asia – A Small Geography Lesson Before You Go Packing

According to Wikipedia (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Southeast_Asia )

“Southeast Asia or Southeastern Asia is a subregion of Asia, consisting of the regions that are geographically south of China, east of the Indian subcontinent and north-west of Australia.”

It has 11 Sovereign states, 1 Administrative subdivisions, and 2 Dependent territories, divided by 2 regions:

  • Mainland Southeast Asia, or historically – Indochina.
  • Maritime Southeast Asia, or historically – Nusantara, the East Indies, or the Malay Archipelago.

We will go by each country with some brief details to help you in your travels.

Mainland Southeast Asia


This one is pristine as it had been off limits to tourists until very recently. They used to go by the name of Burma. Their main attractions include, really old temples, wine and whiskey, and beaches.


Thai culture is very colorful as its people. They are very popular for tropical beaches and Buddhism. Recently they have opened up more leniency towards digital nomads and quickly became a haven for such people.


Malaysia has been known recently by shopping districts. It is also home to different cultures, making it a mixing pot people from china, India, and even up to Europe. Malay people as with most of their other Asian neighbors are generally hospitable.


Now this country has a great European influence. They even have French architecture preserved from the colonial era. It is also a Buddhist country so expect those beautiful temples attributed to Buddhism. A lesser known knowledge is that they have great food in there.


One thing that always reminds me of Cambodia is Angkor Wat. Coffee is good, so is their food. It has a rich history that archaeologists love this country. When in their capital,  Phnom Penh, don’t forget to visit their art deco Central Market.


From being war torn and a long standing communist era, Vietnam has managed to rise into a good mix of a booming industrial country. It has preserved its culture well and is still maintaining its heritage in this modern era. You could be in a high rise filled business district and in a country side farm within a day. This country has so much to offer

Maritime Southeast Asia

Andaman and Nicobar Islands of India

Not much is known about these groups of islands since most of them are either uninhabited or off limits to tourists. It can even be fatal to just set foot into some its 300 islands. There are still tribes that remain untouched by modernism.


You might have heard of Bali, that very picturesque beach where celebrities and rich people want to spend their vacations at. Indonesia is also home to a great variety of great food that are influenced by many different cultures.


This small kingdom has a long history of Royalties. They love nature so much that some of its forests are protected by law. They have awesome beaches like their tropical neighbors.


This country is where you want to be when it comes to innovation. They rose into fame from being a trading port to what is known right now as the Silicon Valley of Asia.


This booming country is home to a lot of outsourced work. The people are generally nice and always smiling. They speak good english although that is not their first language. Philippines has been colonized by many countries with the longest occupancy being held by Spain. It is a good relief for western travelers to be in tropical Asia but still feel a bit like home. People come for the beach and stay for the food.

East Timor

Not a popular destination to tourists so do not expect to meet any other foreigner while you are there. Timor-Leste as others would call it, is situated right in the middle of Australia and Indonesia.

Christmas Island

Just south of Indonesia is a tiny island popular with divers. It is still a territory of Australia with less than 2000 people living there.

Having known these countries briefly, you can now start booking your flights. Start your wonderful experience now!

The Classy Travel Gadget Savvy’s List in 2020

Savvy is one thing, gadget-savvy is another. Being the classy person that you already are, here’s how to up your game in 2020.

Here’s my top 7 travel gadgets that you will love too.

The World’s Smallest Travel Steam Iron

This travel steam iron is the smallest you will ever see in the whole world, about the size of a computer mouse. From a company called Steamfast, the Steamfast SF-717 Mini Steam Iron will have you covered in all your wrinkle problems.

A Smart Carry-On Luggage

This aluminum alloy suitcase from Samsara has loads of futuristic features. It has LED lights that lights up when you open it in a dim environment. It’s top can be used as a desk as it is flat and and has a removable power bank that you can hook your devices up using USB-C. Aside from security features like being fireproof it also has a tracking app that lets you know where your bag is and if somebody has opened it. Lastly, since you care about the environment – this suitcase is completely recyclable.

Pocket Washing Machine

Now this could literally fit in your front pocket. A wash bag that could expand to hold up to 3 gallons of water and clothes (you only need 1 gal.). With Scrubba Wash Bag, you can wash your clothes anywhere and anytime you want to. This is the lightest and most compact “Washing Machine” in the world, it can fold down to a size less than your smartphone and can also be used as a dry bag when not washing clothes, or after washing your clothes.

Military Grade Sand Proof Beach Mat

Patented technology used by the military now in your car compartment. You just lay down the CGEAR The Original Sand-Free Outdoor Camping Mat on the sand and enjoy your day at the beach. You would never have to worry about shaking off all the sand from this mat ever again.

WiFi Hotspot and Power Bank in one

You want your internet to just work. This one connects to 4G LTE in over 130 countries while charging your phone. It can take in connections for up to 5 devices that lets you share unlimited internet to your travel buddies. It sets you back $9 for a 24 hour access via Skyroam

The Drone Made for Traveling

DJI has a new travel drone, the Mavic Pro 2. It has a powerful Hasselblad camera that shoots up to 4K. You can use your smartphone to control the drone so you dont have to bring a separate controller when you go out. It can fly 4.3 miles away from you with its top of the line technology.

A Backpack, A Shoulder Bag or A Briefcase? Why Not All?

You know how strong those 1680D Cordura Ballistic Nylon bags are, you have seen them in action, whether is indoors or outdoors, it can be in a classroom or an office, even in the jungle – you would still look cool. The Aer Flight Pack 2 is a carry-on approved convertible bag that can keep all your gadgets listed on this list safe and in place. It can switch from a backpack to a shoulder bag to a briefcase in mere seconds.

*These products use affiliate links to help my site make some small percentage of your purchases.

Travel Blogging The 2020 Way

This is something a lot of travelers are starting to consider. Blogging has a lot of potential to make money, to fund your next travels.

Here are some perks of being a blogger in 2020

  • Be treated like a celebrity in most places
  • Landing sweet deals from hotels to transportation, even in some other places like restaurants and spas
  • All expenses paid trip to _____
  • FREE travel gear

Now it doesn’t stop there, real money can be made through blogging. Most monetization methods still work, like

  • Google AdSense
  • Affiliate links
  • Sponsored posts
  • Guest posting
  • Offline Ads and Promotions

and now even more opportunities in

  • Facebook Ads
  • Vlogging / Youtube
  • Other avenues in Social Media

With some creativity, you might still be able to make a living out of just blogging. Some even call themselves “Influencers” now, but it’s a tricky title to pull off especially when you are just starting.

Nowadays, to be able to make decent earnings from blogging, you need to leverage multiple streams. You may have to establish several blogs. Some had transitioned into Vlogging. According to Social Blade ( https://socialblade.com/youtube/top/category/travel ) the top youtuber in the travel category (МегаФон) has an estimated monthly earnings of $10.9K – $175.1K. That is more than enough to sustain the channel, travel, and still live like a king.


So, what is this Vlogging thing? It basically means Video Blogging. So it is still a form of blogging but in video format. People upload it to websites like Youtube which then facilitates automated advertising. Vloggers can also take sponsorship deals on their own so that is another way to make money even with a relatively new channel. You don’t even need expensive equipment to start, your newly bought smartphone will most likely be more than enough.

Another and more modern stream of income is what is known as Live Streaming. Although mostly dedicated to gaming, it can be leveraged to establish authority or just to get people to know you more. Being live can be hard since you can’t cut ugly parts of the video or apply color correction to make you look awesome. It’s perk though for being “raw” is that your audience will feel more connected to you. Indirectly affecting positive traffic to your other and real videos.

Nothing of course would still stop you from doing your remote job while traveling. You could start blogging in your free time, which is actually a very wise decision regardless of the money and fame. Historically, blogging came from web logging, or just logging. Logging is something every adult should be doing anyway – there are really fancy journals now. Remember when you used to make actual handwritten diaries? This is the same, but only digital. You could choose to make it private if you want to. Social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter have a service that is unknown to most, it is called microblogging. Your posts in your timeline is actually a blog in essence. So you might have not know – you may already be blogging and not making money out of it.

Travel blogging

Traveling in the Post-Coronavirus World

Let’s say the outbreak has ended. It has lasted for months, it infected so many and killed some. We have learned that things like this happen from time to time. History has taught us that the infection rate has risen through time – it is easier to spread a virus nowadays.

Now, let’s say you somehow managed to survive. How do we travel now, having known that a global pandemic might start any time?

1. Health is wealth, but wealth is health too – don’t shy away from buying good hygiene products. Invest in your health, use your money to make sure you eat good food, and use higher grade products. You could go cheap and buy an unknown, unbranded, and unlabeled wet wipes that could potentially do more harm than actual cleaning. Premium products doesn’t mean it is just an expensive version of something.

2. While packing, consider throwing some disposable clothing in there, or a couple of towels that you could use and throw away or give to others in need. This will help you make sure you get those textile living bacteria and maybe even win a friend. Some bacteria do not wash away that easily in the laundry, plus it could contaminate your whole laundry basket too.

3. Save emergency numbers BEFORE you go to a certain place. Include food delivery services in that list as well. We might not have enough time, accidents or something might happen in between landing and on your way to the hotel where there’s good internet.

4. Cash is good, but now you have another reason to get cash into your banks. One of the lesser known transmitters of diseases is cash. Bank notes are filthy, try putting it under a microscope. Studies have shown that most american dollar bills have traces of drugs and blood in them. It is also made of a material that is not exactly something that you would consider as antibacterial. So for traveling – use cards as much as you can.

5. Human interaction is inevitable when traveling. Protect yourself from catching anything by skipping some normal greetings that involve touching, kissing, hugging, or just getting really close to someone. I am pretty sure they would be avoiding that as well. Do this for the next few months maybe or years until everyone is back to being comfortable with anyone. Wearing masks does not mean you don’t want to get sick, it may also mean that you are already sick and don’t want anyone else around you to get infected. This courtesy can now be exercised more during the times when the community has just survived an epidemic.

The  germophone in you must be really happy with all these changes that have happened. The introvert in you must already be partying in its own little space in your brain. The paranoid parents must be so glad about how kids are now preferring to stay home.

What is currently happening will pass. The virus may stick around and infect a few people a year. The global crisis that we are having right now, for sure, will have a lasting effect. Do not succumb into paranoia or mass hysteria, stay logical and most of all – after all these, enjoy life, keep living, and keep traveling.…

How To Take Instagrammable Solo Travel Photos Using Your Phone.

Travel photography has gone a significant change over the last few years. You don’t even need to carry those expensive and bulky DSLRs anymore. Your smartphone has multiple cameras now for taking selfies, wide angle landscapes, even good night shots that some very expensive cameras are struggling with. Selfies are good, it shows your personality, but it could be better? Let’s explore a list of things solo travelers do to win on Instagram using just their smartphones.

Posing and Personality


As with everything, it always starts with yourself. Stop worrying about people judging you for taking 100 selfies every hour. What you need to learn is how to take selfies that people would look at. As a part of planning your travel, you need to get as many inspirational photos or pegs as possible. Try to mimic those photos until you get the hang of posing and discover what works for you. To be confident is first to be comfortable.

Adding your personal style in your photos would make more impact especially if you are trying to build a personal brand. Otherwise, just keep taking photos.

Mobile Tripod

There are very small tripods now that don’t weigh anything. Pick ones that are sturdy and can also function as selfie sticks. Prices can vary so much but a few things to consider other than prices are:

  • Build – it has to be stable or you will end up spending a lot of your time trying to prop that tripod straight. It has to withstand being in the luggage. Go for the ones made in lightweight alloys instead of those cheap plastics.
  • Weight – those heavy tripods are really good, but not for traveling. Try to find something that would not compromise your freedom of movement, and would not let you pay for excess baggage. It should not be too light either, you would not want it knocking over the slightest wind with your precious smartphone in it. Pick something that would be stable enough but not too heavy.
  • Other uses – pick something that is multipurpose. Some tripods can be converted to a selfie stick, some can even be a cane. There are also some that has smart functionalities like remote controls.

Lens Attachments

Lenses come in different sizes, attachment styles, and builds. There are some cheap clip ons that work well. Several of those clip-on lenses even come with multiple lenses or configurations. Macro lenses are great for taking those closeup shots of an indigenous flower you just saw while trekking. Consider getting wide angle lenses for your phone as they would show more of the place you are trying to showcase.  Telephoto lenses when the zookeeper won’t want you to come pet that lion. There are also art lenses that can help with your creativity.

Remote Triggers

Nowadays, you could use your smartwatch as a trigger. As said above, a lot of tripods also offer some form of remote triggering device. When all these are still out of reach, your phone has a timer.


Since you don’t have the luggage space to carry proper lighting equipment. You summon the power of the “Golden Hour”. Most photographers swore by the Golden Hour but didn’t know that it happens twice a day. For a quick definition to those who doesn’t know, Golden Hour is a 1 hour time frame where the sun is at its lowest and casts the longest shadow. This in turn creates more drama on your subject with contrast while softly lighting it up. Most would take the golden hour opportunity in the afternoon just before the sun sets. While that is really awesome, you will for sure be sharing that with other tourists. The whole place will be littered with a whole day’s garbage, it will just be too much work to find a good spot and angle. Come in the morning, just after sunrise, it will be less polluted.

Asking for Help

Last on this list is, of course, the best. Why? you go try asking somebody that looks like a photographer, someone who has a really expensive camera around his neck. Now you will get your friends to start asking who took your photos last week were you were in Maldives. You could also frame your shot and ask someone to take the shot as you have set it up. Also, most tour guides are either well trained in photography or have taken enough photos to know how to get you in to frame. Lastly, do not forget to return the favor, take their photo after they have taken yours.

Taking photos has never been easier, cameras are really handy now, they are even in our hands already. Gone were the times where you buy postcards to send to your mom, now you can even livestream your travel. Mobile photography has changed how we store and share our life moments, maximize it now!

Going For A Cross Country Road Trip In Your 50s

So, you have less than a decade before you retire. Where do you want to spend the rest of your life?

You are planning retiring in the countryside or even abroad. You are already asking your friends where to buy a fishing boat. You have just visited a farm in Vietnam. You even tried dating again. Answers are still elusive.

So why not go for one last major road trip to help you with your decisions. Here are some tips for you Boomer!


Car for road trip

Whether you are planning to take your ol’ rusty or maybe your son’s new convertible, make sure it is in shape. Your best bet is a rental, you know it is insured and kinda well maintained.

  • Tires – make sure it holds the correct pressure. Check it every few hundred miles on your first day out. The threads are as important, and don’t forget to check the spare tire along with the essential tools.
  • Emergency Kits – this includes stuff from quick car fixes to band aids. You would never know!
  • Spare Keys – let’s admit it, memory at your 50s isn’t the in it’s best and locksmiths are harder to find nowadays. Especially when you are in the middle of nowhere, took a pee, and returned to a locked car with the keys inside.
  • Music – no road trip would be complete without having your jam in full blast while on the road.

Health and Wellness

Your aging body needs a little more taking care than 30 years ago. Here are some things you could do while driving or on stops.

  • Hydrate – water is essential, but do not forget to energize with some caffeine or that earl grey tea. This is the hardest to manage on road trips so just follow your thirst (and bladder).
  • Snacks – bring a lot, fruits would be the handiest to have but a little bag of chips won’t kill you.
  • Rest – go strike a few yoga poses here and there. Meditation is also very helpful or why not go for a quick nap. Bring a blanket or anything that would make that backseat napping comfortable.
  • Medications – even when you are not sick, a first aid kit is always a good idea to bring while travelling around.
  • Hygiene – this includes protection from the sun, bugs, or any weather.


No, we won’t suggest that you bring any firearm or potentially lethal weapon with you. Here are a few things that are friendlier.

  • Smartphone – this is now an essential. Not only can you call your family when you miss them,  you will have access to several other things. With the internet you can look at a map and it will even help you navigate. It will also show real time traffic data, even the current weather in that area. Coupons have gone digital too – so you could take those sweet deals with you. The possibilities are endless with the internet nowadays.
  • An actual map – nothing beats old school. According to  https://geoisp.com/us/ US has a 99.39% coverage for mobile wireless internet. Which is pretty good but not that doesn’t say 100%.
  • A plan – for sure you need to plan this out well. Pick your stops well, tell your family, maybe even grab a chance to visit someone from across the country.

Cash – the world has been transitioning to digital payments, but it doesn’t mean your cards are now useless. So as your benjamins. …