Going For A Cross Country Road Trip In Your 50s

So, you have less than a decade before you retire. Where do you want to spend the rest of your life?

You are planning retiring in the countryside or even abroad. You are already asking your friends where to buy a fishing boat. You have just visited a farm in Vietnam. You even tried dating again. Answers are still elusive.

So why not go for one last major road trip to help you with your decisions. Here are some tips for you Boomer!


Car for road trip

Whether you are planning to take your ol’ rusty or maybe your son’s new convertible, make sure it is in shape. Your best bet is a rental, you know it is insured and kinda well maintained.

  • Tires – make sure it holds the correct pressure. Check it every few hundred miles on your first day out. The threads are as important, and don’t forget to check the spare tire along with the essential tools.
  • Emergency Kits – this includes stuff from quick car fixes to band aids. You would never know!
  • Spare Keys – let’s admit it, memory at your 50s isn’t the in it’s best and locksmiths are harder to find nowadays. Especially when you are in the middle of nowhere, took a pee, and returned to a locked car with the keys inside.
  • Music – no road trip would be complete without having your jam in full blast while on the road.

Health and Wellness

Your aging body needs a little more taking care than 30 years ago. Here are some things you could do while driving or on stops.

  • Hydrate – water is essential, but do not forget to energize with some caffeine or that earl grey tea. This is the hardest to manage on road trips so just follow your thirst (and bladder).
  • Snacks – bring a lot, fruits would be the handiest to have but a little bag of chips won’t kill you.
  • Rest – go strike a few yoga poses here and there. Meditation is also very helpful or why not go for a quick nap. Bring a blanket or anything that would make that backseat napping comfortable.
  • Medications – even when you are not sick, a first aid kit is always a good idea to bring while travelling around.
  • Hygiene – this includes protection from the sun, bugs, or any weather.


No, we won’t suggest that you bring any firearm or potentially lethal weapon with you. Here are a few things that are friendlier.

  • Smartphone – this is now an essential. Not only can you call your family when you miss them,  you will have access to several other things. With the internet you can look at a map and it will even help you navigate. It will also show real time traffic data, even the current weather in that area. Coupons have gone digital too – so you could take those sweet deals with you. The possibilities are endless with the internet nowadays.
  • An actual map – nothing beats old school. According to  https://geoisp.com/us/ US has a 99.39% coverage for mobile wireless internet. Which is pretty good but not that doesn’t say 100%.
  • A plan – for sure you need to plan this out well. Pick your stops well, tell your family, maybe even grab a chance to visit someone from across the country.

Cash – the world has been transitioning to digital payments, but it doesn’t mean your cards are now useless. So as your benjamins.