Travel Blogging The 2020 Way

This is something a lot of travelers are starting to consider. Blogging has a lot of potential to make money, to fund your next travels.

Here are some perks of being a blogger in 2020

  • Be treated like a celebrity in most places
  • Landing sweet deals from hotels to transportation, even in some other places like restaurants and spas
  • All expenses paid trip to _____
  • FREE travel gear

Now it doesn’t stop there, real money can be made through blogging. Most monetization methods still work, like

  • Google AdSense
  • Affiliate links
  • Sponsored posts
  • Guest posting
  • Offline Ads and Promotions

and now even more opportunities in

  • Facebook Ads
  • Vlogging / Youtube
  • Other avenues in Social Media

With some creativity, you might still be able to make a living out of just blogging. Some even call themselves “Influencers” now, but it’s a tricky title to pull off especially when you are just starting.

Nowadays, to be able to make decent earnings from blogging, you need to leverage multiple streams. You may have to establish several blogs. Some had transitioned into Vlogging. According to Social Blade ( ) the top youtuber in the travel category (МегаФон) has an estimated monthly earnings of $10.9K – $175.1K. That is more than enough to sustain the channel, travel, and still live like a king.


So, what is this Vlogging thing? It basically means Video Blogging. So it is still a form of blogging but in video format. People upload it to websites like Youtube which then facilitates automated advertising. Vloggers can also take sponsorship deals on their own so that is another way to make money even with a relatively new channel. You don’t even need expensive equipment to start, your newly bought smartphone will most likely be more than enough.

Another and more modern stream of income is what is known as Live Streaming. Although mostly dedicated to gaming, it can be leveraged to establish authority or just to get people to know you more. Being live can be hard since you can’t cut ugly parts of the video or apply color correction to make you look awesome. It’s perk though for being “raw” is that your audience will feel more connected to you. Indirectly affecting positive traffic to your other and real videos.

Nothing of course would still stop you from doing your remote job while traveling. You could start blogging in your free time, which is actually a very wise decision regardless of the money and fame. Historically, blogging came from web logging, or just logging. Logging is something every adult should be doing anyway – there are really fancy journals now. Remember when you used to make actual handwritten diaries? This is the same, but only digital. You could choose to make it private if you want to. Social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter have a service that is unknown to most, it is called microblogging. Your posts in your timeline is actually a blog in essence. So you might have not know – you may already be blogging and not making money out of it.

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