Traveling in the Post-Coronavirus World

Let’s say the outbreak has ended. It has lasted for months, it infected so many and killed some. We have learned that things like this happen from time to time. History has taught us that the infection rate has risen through time – it is easier to spread a virus nowadays.

Now, let’s say you somehow managed to survive. How do we travel now, having known that a global pandemic might start any time?

1. Health is wealth, but wealth is health too – don’t shy away from buying good hygiene products. Invest in your health, use your money to make sure you eat good food, and use higher grade products. You could go cheap and buy an unknown, unbranded, and unlabeled wet wipes that could potentially do more harm than actual cleaning. Premium products doesn’t mean it is just an expensive version of something.

2. While packing, consider throwing some disposable clothing in there, or a couple of towels that you could use and throw away or give to others in need. This will help you make sure you get those textile living bacteria and maybe even win a friend. Some bacteria do not wash away that easily in the laundry, plus it could contaminate your whole laundry basket too.

3. Save emergency numbers BEFORE you go to a certain place. Include food delivery services in that list as well. We might not have enough time, accidents or something might happen in between landing and on your way to the hotel where there’s good internet.

4. Cash is good, but now you have another reason to get cash into your banks. One of the lesser known transmitters of diseases is cash. Bank notes are filthy, try putting it under a microscope. Studies have shown that most american dollar bills have traces of drugs and blood in them. It is also made of a material that is not exactly something that you would consider as antibacterial. So for traveling – use cards as much as you can.

5. Human interaction is inevitable when traveling. Protect yourself from catching anything by skipping some normal greetings that involve touching, kissing, hugging, or just getting really close to someone. I am pretty sure they would be avoiding that as well. Do this for the next few months maybe or years until everyone is back to being comfortable with anyone. Wearing masks does not mean you don’t want to get sick, it may also mean that you are already sick and don’t want anyone else around you to get infected. This courtesy can now be exercised more during the times when the community has just survived an epidemic.

The  germophone in you must be really happy with all these changes that have happened. The introvert in you must already be partying in its own little space in your brain. The paranoid parents must be so glad about how kids are now preferring to stay home.

What is currently happening will pass. The virus may stick around and infect a few people a year. The global crisis that we are having right now, for sure, will have a lasting effect. Do not succumb into paranoia or mass hysteria, stay logical and most of all – after all these, enjoy life, keep living, and keep traveling.